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Just a super horny adventurous couple always looking to expand our sexual horizons.

*** 7/22/16 update: Fantabulous! 400+ followers! Thank you all this little project has exceeded both of our wildest expectations. We LOVE hearing sexy and perverted comments from you horn-dogs, it is so exciting, makes me wet and hubby hard, which leads to some wild times ;-) Please keep them cumming guys and I'll show you more. Huggs and Kisses ;-P

*** 4/1/16 update: WOOHOOOO, 300 followers! THANKS GUYS! This calls for a special post... hehe, let me get something very special and post it here when I get a minute.

*** 3/28/16 update: Really getting into this, will be posting new pics as soon as the previous one hits the "Most Licked" page, so if you want more just clicky the licky ;-) So far this has been working out to daily pic posts! We LOVE IT and we THANK YOU, it is VERY satisfying! ;-)

Thanks for all the new followers! We LOVE followers! If you like our pics would you please hit the like/lick button and follow us. We like to put up special pics on nice round numbers ;-)

*** 3/23/16 update: Well, it's been a long time but I believe I have 75% of my pictures rescanned, and this time with a better scanner. There are some that I can't get back until I can send in the HDD for recovery, but it's so damn expensive I don't know if I will ever do that. Anyway, I still have a shit ton scanned and am back and ready to post them all!!!! I apologize for the delay, but back now better than ever, let's get the party started!

As always, hot and horny comments get more and more pics ;-) Thank you all for your support!

*** 9/10/14 update: Guys, I am sick, I had a 2 TB hard drive go down two weeks ago and I have no backups. It's going to cost an arm and a leg and a testicle to get the drive professionally restored, which I cannot do for the foreseeable future. I do have the original photos, which I will begin scanning again, there are so many photos. So, please hang in there, I also can extract some photos from private emails I've sent, and other sources, so I should be able to post some here shortly.

Jbird & Pj

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